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About Taylor's Surprise 'Tonight Show' Performance

She sang “New Year’s Day,” and the lyrics were spot on.

Miley Cyrus
Miley Cyrus Is a 'Lip Sync Battle' Showstopper

High kicks! Splits! Jimmy Fallon couldn't handle it.

Here's Gal Gadot Struggling With Charades
She says she loves peanut butter, and yet she's never had one before…
Katherine Langford on '13 Reasons Why' Backlash
She's definitely not saying the people who are upset about the show …
Anne Hathaway Slays at Google Translate Karaoke

And proves all that internet hate is BS.

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Jimmy Fallon Challenges Jennifer Lopez to a Very Silly but Sexy Dance Battle

Jenny from the Block has definitely still got it.

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In Which Blake Shelton Teaches Jimmy Fallon to Milk a Cow

"You dressed very disrespectful. You look like Howdy Doody right now."

Jimmy Fallon Gives Hillary Clinton *Actual* Softballs on 'Tonight Show,' Wears a Surgical Mask

Also, a photo of Putin in a heart-shaped frame made an appearance...

Barb Makes Triumphant Return to 'Stranger Things,' Comes for Her Haters

"Ummm, what the f--k? Did you forget about something?"

Kristen Wiig Proves Once Again She's a Comedy Genius with a Fake Fallon Interview

Turns out Kristen Wiig knows nothing about The Bachelorette.

Melissa McCarthy Wants You to Know That Hooters Serves the Best Bowl of Fiber One She's Ever Had

Celebs: They'll say anything to win a word game against Jimmy Fallon.