John Kasich

What the Presidential Candidates Think About Equal Pay

Women still make just 79 cents for every dollar a man makes. So what do these hopefuls plan to do about it? 

Ted Cruz campaign headquarters
What Life on the Campaign Trail Is Really Like

"I think I'll never eat pizza again after this."

There's a Huge Gender Pay Gap on the Presidential...

The results of a new investigation will make you furious.

Samantha Bee, John Kasich
Samantha Bee Tears Into John Kasich's So-Called...

Think he's the reasonable one in the campaign? You're wrong.

John Kasich
Presidential Candidate John Kasich Just Moved to...
The Republican governor has signed a bill that will significantly af…
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz
7 Things You Missed During Last Night's GOP Presidential Debate

It was Trump versus Cruz the whole night.

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Awkward: Republican Presidential Candidate John Kasich Asks a Woman if She's Been on a Diet

His campaign said he often asks this question to explain government debt.