megyn kelly

Debra Messing 'Regrets' Going on Megyn Kelly Show

"Honestly I didn't know it was MK until that morning."

Jane Fonda and Megyn Kelly Had an Awkward Moment

"We really want to talk about that now?"

Vladimir Putin Megyn Kelly Interview Election

"Your lives must be boring."

Watch Megyn Kelly's Final Sign-Off from FOX

She has a lot of feelings, understandably.

Megyn Kelly Is Reportedly Leaving Fox News

The primetime star is said to be ditching the network for NBC.

This Is Why Megyn Kelly Won't Label Herself a "Feminist"

She thinks feminism means you have a "pro-choice" agenda.

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Megyn Kelly Says Roger Ailes Sexually Harassed Her at Fox News

She opens up about her traumatic experience in a new memoir.

Watch Megyn Kelly and Newt Gingrich Battle It Out After He Blows Up at Her on Live TV

The former Speaker of the House accused Kelly of being "fascinated by sex."

Donald Trump Kinda-Sorta-Maybe Apologized for Calling Megyn Kelly a Bimbo

Cool, Donald, but where's your apology to the entire female population?

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Donald Trump Is Attacking Megyn Kelly Again

He even retweeted a supporter who called her a "bimbo."

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Megyn Kelly Was the *Real* Winner of Last Night's GOP Debate

Unfortunately, she has no plans to run for office.