nicole paprocki

Pride in a Young American Woman
Looking back through the last few years and everything Ive learned from 10 amazing women, its hard to remember what I knew and didnt know on that first trip.
Bangladesh is My Cup of Tea (Part II)
I often gaped at Monira as she shared stories of responding to acid …
Bangladesh is My Cup of Tea
I wanted my travels to initiate a dialogue about our lives as women.…
Celebrate Independent Women
The independent women of TARANGO, a womens economic development proj…
Remembering Women Around the World
My visit to Hasinas home where she was attacked with acid as she sle…
Good News for Women Everywhere
I left the press conference refreshed because finally we were hearing some good news: a reduction of acid attacks 16-20% each year sinc…
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The Women of The Acid Survivors Foundation
I joined hands with the women of the Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) despite both of our fears and uncertainties about each other.
When Differences Become Our Strength
As a reminder, I am traveling for one week in Dhaka with Americans for UNFPA and Deni Robey, Vice President of Public Affairs. I will m…
Student Award Winner, Nicole Paprocki heads to Bangladesh for UNFPA
I hope that this trip and this blog serve as the beginning of a conversation: a dialogue about our diverse experiences and our daily li…