patricia arquette

This Amy Schumer Sketch About Julia Louis-Dreyfus's "Last F*ckable Day" Will Make You Laugh/Cry
"Everyone's like hurry up, because they think your vagina's going to turn into a hermit crab."
Patricia Arquette on Aging: "Men Are Not Having...
The actress says she's still "trapped" in constant dialogue about h…
Awesome Pro Wrestler Makes a Stand for Equal Pay
WWE's "divas" only get a fraction of the wages and screen time.
This Year's Oscars Were All About Issues—Here Are...
Both the red carpet and the stage turned into major soapboxes.
Patricia Arquette Just Gave an Amazing Oscars...
And Meryl Streep was all OVER it.
Patricia Arquette "Calls Bullshit" on Hollywood's Old-Man-with-20-Something-Girlfriend Problem
"Sometimes you'll have someone like Harrison Ford in a movie..."
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