queen elizabeth ii

32 Real People and the Celebs Who Played Them

Emma Stone or Billie Jean King? (We can't tell either.)

Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip's Cutest Moments

The couple is celebrating their 70th wedding anniversary.

The Queen's Car Will Be Sold at a London Auction

The royal car is going up for auction in London.

The 50 Strict Rules the Royal Family Has to Follow

Not married? No tiaras for you.

The Morbid Reason Members of the Royal Family Always Pack a Spare Outfit

When traveling abroad, they are required to take a change of clothes.

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Your Personal Hero Queen Elizabeth Apparently Has Four Cocktails Every Day

And she starts before lunch, too.

Queen Elizabeth
The Queen Calls the Manchester Attacks an "Act of Barbarity"

She also praised the people of the city for their humanity and compassion.

'Princess Diana: Her Life, Her Death, The Truth' Reveals Some Legitimately Shocking Things About...

Like she and Charles *barely* knew each other before the wedding.

A Timeline of Prince Charles and Camilla's Royal Romance

The story of their love before and after Diana.

Everyone Is Losing It Over This Photo of the Queen Driving

Being a 91-year-old monarch doesn't mean you can't have any fun.

Princess Diana, Prince Charles
9 Things You Didn't Know About Marrying a British Royal

If you want the prestige and glamour, you have to consider what comes with that.

Rihanna Has Been Accused of Disrespecting the Queen on Instagram

The singer posted a number of photos of the Queen's head Photoshopped onto her body.

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The Royal Family Is Sharing Beautiful Old Photos of the Queen to Celebrate Her Birthday

To quote Fergie: the glamorous. The glamorous, glamorous!

The Queen Met an Elephant Named After Her, and LOL Photos Are Right This Way

Bless whoever organized this iconic meet and greet.

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100 Years of the British Royal Family

From weddings to funerals, births to coronations, and, of course, a few scandals in between.

The Queen
What Will Happen When Queen Elizabeth II Dies?

When the time comes, it's predicted to be a "traumatic" event.