Rose Leslie and Kit Harrington

rose leslie

Kit Harington Won't Pose for Selfies

The actor opens up about needing some privacy.

Kit Harington Apologizes for Sexism Comments
He has apologized for comparing his experiences of objectification t…
Kit Harington and Rose Leslie
Kit Harington Went to a Party as Jon Snow

"I won't love you if you don't wear it.”

Kit Harington Scares Rose with April Fools' Prank
"She pretty much told me that if I did it ever again, that would be …
See First Pics of Rose Leslie's Engagement Ring

Turns out Jon Snow at least knows how to put a ring on it.

Kit Harington Adorably Fumbled His Proposal to Rose Leslie

"I blew my load early."

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GoT star Rose Leslie's childhood home is on Airbnb - and it's a castle
'Game of Thrones' Star Rose Leslie's Childhood Home Is on Airbnb—and It's a Castle

If we rent it, do we get our own Kit Harington too?

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Officially Announce Their Engagement

They confirmed the news with an adorable note in The Times.

Are 'Game of Thrones' Stars Kit Harington and Rose Leslie Engaged?

Excuse us while we have a complete meltdown.

Jon Snow Will Win Your Heart Talking About How He Won Ygritte's Heart

Which, coincidentally, is the exact same way Kit Harington won Rose Leslie's, the actress who played her.

Jon Snow and Ygritte Are Dating in Real Life, So Clearly He Knows *Everything*

When fan-fiction becomes reality.

A Character You Never Thought You'd See Again Is Returning to 'Downton Abbey'

I don't think my heart can take this.

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