beyonce pixie cut
Beyoncé Shows Off Shocking New Hairstyle!
Beyoncé debuts a new, super-short look—love it or hate it?
beyonce jay-z on the run part ii
Beyoncé and Jay-Z's New Duet Is Music to Our Ears
Get excited: Beyonce and Jay-Z just released a new duet!
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sarah palin considers senate run in 2014
Sarah Palin Is Considering a Return to Public Office
After resigning from her Gubernatorial post in 2009, Sarah Palin says she's considering a return to politics with a Senate run.
sarah palin
How Do You Survive the World's Most Public Defeat?
Just ask Sarah Palin's handler, Nicolle Wallace.
Have You Ever Tried Role Playing In Bed?
My friends and I are excited for the release of Whos Naylin Paylin, an X-rated film parody featuring Sarah Palin porn star look-alike.
model in black wool plaid marc jacobs dress
Angry Democrat Women Hate Me
For those of you who missed the hate-fest against me on, take a quick look at the fallout over my Sarah Palin post. I'm not…
Sex, love, dating advice and help.
My Sarah Palin Crush
I think I have a crush on Sarah Palin. She intrigues and intimidates me-two necessary ingredients for a crush. I admit, she could kick…