sarah silverman

19 Celebrities on Losing Their Virginity

Because even for perfect people, it's not always a perfect moment.

Celebs Who Stayed Friends After Dating Same Person

It's possible, apparently.

What Everyone Wore to the DNC

Political fashion = more than just pantsuits.

Sarah Silverman's Twitter Hacked
It appeared just two days after she fully endorsed Clinton at the DN…
Sarah Silverman's Near-Death Experience

Two words: holy sh*t.

Sarah Silverman Is Appropriately Thrilled by Drake's Crush on Her

Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this.

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Sam Smith performs at Oscars
Watch Sam Smith Bring the House Down During His Oscars Performance

Despite a few awkward jokes at his expense.

The Lenny Questionnaire: Sarah Silverman

The comedian and actress talks about her first kiss and her favorite body part in this incisive interview.

Sarah Silverman Reveals a Decades-Long Struggle with Depression

"Every breath is labored. You are dying."