sean spicer

Melissa McCarthy's 5 Best Sean Spicer Impressions

RIP motorized podium and eternal happiness.

Sean Spicer
Spicer Out! The Funniest Twitter Reactions

Melissa McCarthy is going to have to find a new gig.

Watch 'SNL's Behind-the-Scenes Video of Spicey

Melissa McCarthy is gold.

Melissa McCarthy as Sean Spicer and Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump
Best Trump and "Spicey" Moments From 'SNL'

"I'm pretty sure I can see him hiding in those bushes..."

Sean Spicer Hides in Bushes to Avoid Press

This is even better than 'Saturday Night Live.'

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ProPublica Just Absolutely *Owned* Sean Spicer on Twitter

Do not ever come for ProPublica.

Trump Tweeted Obama Had His Wires Tapped, Didn't Mean It Literally

He meant "wires tapped," you know, with scare quotes.

Sean Spicer holds press conference with upside-down American flag
Is Sean Spicer Sending America a Distress Signal?

He wore his American flag pin upside down and it has Twitter worried.

Lol: Sean Spicer Used to Be the White House Easter Bunny

This is not a joke. This is real life.

The White House Banned Several Media Outlets from a Press Meeting

And people are shook.

Sean Spicer, Melissa McCarthy
Sean Spicer Responds to Melissa McCarthy's 'SNL' Takedown

He just has one specific critique.

Melissa McCarthy Does a Perfect, Terrifying Sean Spicer Impression on 'SNL'

"Apologize to me! That apology is NOT accepted!"

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Seth Meyers Perfectly Summarizes the Problem with the Trump Administration's War on Reality

There's a lot more at stake here than crowd sizes.

The Trump Administration May Evict the Press from the White House

"They are the opposition party," a senior official says.