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10 Books Every 20-Something Should Read

Living on your own? Starting your first job? Now what?

MC Reviews: Books
What should be at the top of the stack on your nightstand? Our list …
Simon Doonan Tells Us Why Gay Men Don't Get Fat
This hilarious and at times demented page-turner will have you lau…
the magician king book cover
What We're Reading: The Magician King
Lev Grossman's leading lady in his follow up to The Magicians steals…
red flags book cover
What We're Reading: The Little Black Book of Big...
Keep falling for the wrong guy? This book has got you covered.
What We're Reading: This Summer's Hottest Page Turner
J. Courtney Sullivan arrives, once again, on the literary scene, but this time, with a perfect (and smart) beach read.
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What We're Reading: A Rallying Cry for Books
A memoir that sheds light on the father-daughter bond, and the importance of reading.
Exclusive Q&A: Melanie Notkin is The Savvy Auntie

Not a mom? Doesn't mean you can't join the Auntorage.

jane austen
6 Things You Can Tell about a Guy Who Reads Jane Austen
If he loves the popular author, is that a good sign?
book cover
Exclusive Q&A: Candace Bushnell on What's Next for Carrie Bradshaw
Details on Carrie Bradshaw's teen years and whether Blake Lively might be the next Carrie.
traci faust
What We're Reading: A Memoir That's Nowhere Near Normal
Ever been obsessed with something? Read about a woman who can't control her obsessions.
silver boat book cover
What We're Reading: More Than a Beach Read
Jump start your summer reading with this suspenseful family drama about the secrets three sisters uncover in their Marthas Vineyard bea…
book cover
What We're Reading: An Eye-Opening Memoir
One woman's fight against sex trafficking.
anne roiphe book
What We're Reading: A Lustful, Literary Memoir
One woman sacrifices everything for the chance to pursue her passion.
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reading women book cover
What We're Reading: A Book About…Reading More Books
Stephanie Staal's new memoir discusses how literature and feminism have influenced who she's become as a women.
losing graceland book cover
What We're Reading: Losing Graceland
After getting dumped by his girlfriend and graduating college with a not-so-promising Anthropology degree, Ben Fish is well on his way …
witch daughter book cover
What We're Reading: The Witch's Daughter
Wands and broomsticks aside, this girl seriously knows how to save the world.
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room book
What We (And You!) Read in 2010
We asked what your favorite new books were in 2010here are your answers!
dirty secret book cover
What We're Reading: A Hoarder's Daughter's Memoir
This week's book takes a gripping look at what it's like to grow up as the daughter of a compulsive hoarder.
new yorker book
What We're Reading: New Yorker Short Stories
Impress your friends with this week's buzzy new book.