Ivana Trump


The Best Lines in Ivana Trump's New Book

"After the showgirl got pregnant and had a daughter, Donald married her ... He couldn't not wed the mother of his new baby, regardless of whether his heart was really in it, " Trump writes.

"I Always Thought Someone Was Going to Stop Me":...
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We talk to Jo Piazza about her inspiring new book If Nuns Ruled The …
What To Do While You Wait for the Next Season of Game of Thrones
The TV shows, books, and movies to tide you over until your favorite show returns.
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6 Films Based on Classic Literature
From Clueless to Cruel Intentions.
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The Day I Went Viral
Social media's newest manners maven Randi Zuckerberg opens up about her biggest Facebook gaffe.
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For the Love of Handbags
When a book slides across your desk with a quilted Chanel bag on the cover, any fashion girl's first instinct is to open it up and see …
4 Fun Fashion Books We're Reading Now
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Your spring must list: What you need to do, see, hear, and talk about.
What We Love About March
Your spring must list: What you need to do, see, read, and talk about.
MC Reviews: Books
What should be at the top of the stack on your nightstand? Our list of favorite reads.
girl in room
What We Love About May
The best of spring: What you need to do, see, read, and talk about.
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What We're Reading: The Magician King
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What We're Reading: The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags
Keep falling for the wrong guy? This book has got you covered.
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Why Being Spoiled is a Good Idea This Summer
We chat with the creators of Go Fug Yourself about their first novel
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Exclusive Q&A: Melanie Notkin is The Savvy Auntie

Not a mom? Doesn't mean you can't join the Auntorage.

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Exclusive Q&A: Candace Bushnell on What's Next for Carrie Bradshaw
Details on Carrie Bradshaw's teen years and whether Blake Lively might be the next Carrie.
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What We're Reading: A Memoir That's Nowhere Near Normal
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What We're Reading: An Eye-Opening Memoir
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Exclusive Q&A: Sarah Bower's Sins in the House of Borgia
 A new novel sheds light on the crime family that could be known as the next Sopranos.
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What We're Reading: A Book About…Reading More Books
Stephanie Staal's new memoir discusses how literature and feminism have influenced who she's become as a women.