21 Genius Hacks for Fixing Ruined Clothes
You have a red wine stain on your shirt. Now what?
Are You Undermining Your Presence?
Common blunders that tell the boss you're not management material, a…
actress emma roberts
Emma Roberts: A Budding Beauty
There's something special about Emma Roberts besides her aunt Julia…
sequin black and blue tops
Must-Haves from DKNY's New Plus-Size Line
Get a closer look at the line's top 5 casual chic must-haves.
ashley falcon
Inside DKNY's New Plus-Size Line
Full-figured fashionista Ashley Falcon spotlights one of the best a…
military tactics
Attention: Military Styles Are Spring's Newest Trend
Be at ease in the season's soldier-inspired jackets, deconstructed combat boots, and plenty of metal decorum.
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V for Valletta
Supermodel turned actress turned designer Amber Valletta wears more hats now than she ever did on the runway. Sporting the season's gri…
Spring's Best Designer Fashion
Model Caroline Winberg takes on the best designer offerings (glitter-blasted denim! tawdry tweed!) ever to hit the vernal equinox. Now …
sparkly black top from ann taylor
Ann Taylor Gets a Makeover
The working girl's label reboots its soft-wear.
shopping main image
Learn How to Shop: 205 Expert Retail Tips
What's fresh for fall — and the best ways shop now, online and in stores, for less!
Victoria's Secret Party
Love, lace, and lingerie were on the minds of most guests that crowded into the Bowery Hotel Thursday night to celebrate Victoria's Sec…
Jenni Kayne's Fall Collection
High up on the 27th floor of the pied-à-terre (the Kayne clan call Los Angeles home), surrounded by neighboring skyscrapers housing man…
model olga sherer
Model Diaries: The Freshman
These catwalkers were the stars of the fashion shows last March.
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red and black knee length short sleeve dress from victorias secret
Summer Fashion Under $100
We can't believe they're all under $100!
101 Fashion Ideas for Spring
Trend: Safari Meets Park Avenue
Spring's fiercest look
gallerist honor fraser in her culver city gallery with artist rosson crow
Fashion's Artistic Vision
Is that a Warhol you're wearing?
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Sex, love, dating advice and help.
The Love Prophet
The other day, my friend Ryan explained my way with women
Sex, love, dating advice and help.
woman sitting outside in park
101 Style Ideas for the Weekend
Feel-good knits, lightweight anoraks, and khaki, the season's hottest staple.
10 Best Fashion Under $100
Workwear's new perks
Fashion Shopping: What The Marie Claire Editors Are Buying.
What Our Editors Are Buying
They've seen it all and made their picksour fashion department's must-gets.
Great Style Has Never Been So Easy
Black, White & Chic All Over
These graphic looks are ideal wardrobe staples
monks in training in bhutan looking at polaroids
The Last Shangri-La
Far from the modern world.
Marie Claire's Fall Shoe Picks
Fashion: Best Winter Bags
Best Winter Bags for You
The shoulder strap is the hipsters choice.
Chic gloves for fall.
Glove Ya!
Insanely chic gloves!
Zoe Glassner's Shop Talk: Erin Fetherston for Target
Erin Fetherston for Target
Frocks with tulle and lace have become mainstays
model in blue dress with monks in bhutan
Bhutan Fashion
Todays young traveler takes the high road.
Coats Trend Report
Coats Are Ready for Their Close-Up
Our special trend report.