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Your First Look At George & Amal's New Home
The newlyweds are rumored to be settling into this new mansion in the 'Downton Abbey' countryside.
downton abbey
How to Fall in Love, Downton Abbey Style
A breakdown of all the couples.
Downton Abbey Recap: Downton Abbey is Pro-Choice
When Lady Edith considers an abortion, she decides to do what so man…
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Downton Abbey's New Leading Man
A sexy, somewhat modern guy joins the hit show.
Downton Abbey Recap: Opera, Cooking, and Lady...
Scandal is in the air.
downton abbey
Downton Abbey Recap: Anna Comes Clean—Sort Of
The gloom hovering over the Abbey briefly clears as Anna and Bates reconnect.
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downton abbey
Downton Abbey Recap: Welcome to 'Modernity,' Folks!
Anna's tragedy looms over the Abbey.
downton abbey recap
Downton Abbey Recap: The Tragedy You Didn't See Coming
The episode that stirred quite the controversy in the UK airs in the U.S.
Michelle Dockery's Greatest Indulgences
The Downton Abbey actress, who appears on the big screen this month in the thriller Non-Stop, on her secret talent, her personal heroes…
Downton Abbey Recap: The Moods and Waistlines are Low, Low, Low
The moods and waistlines are low, low, low.
Your Go-To Downton Abbey Cheat Sheet
Catching up on your favorite TV shows is as easy as reading this cheat sheet (SPOILER ALERT!).
Downton Abbey's Lady Edith to Enter Feminist Vixen Phase
Downton Abbey's nerdiest sister is now a single reporter in the city entangled in a complicated romance with a big shot. So, basically,…
Downton Abbey Style Under $100
More Matthew Crawley than Lady Mary: Smart tweeds and suiting for downtown gals.