Your Official Guide to Low-Calorie Cocktails

AKA what to order at a bar that isn't as heavy as your last meal.

What Your Favorite Cocktail Says About You
What your go-to cocktail reveals about your personality.
Kracked Mai Tai
16 Skinny Summer Cocktails
Turn every day this season into a celebration with these figure-frie…
5 AMAZING Jell-O Shots to Serve This 4th of July
You won't be embarrassed to eat these seriously chic treats.
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16 Ways to Have a Pina Colada at Every Meal
Because really, who doesn't like piña coladas?
The Little Known Fact About Your Go-To Drink
Sugar. Rush.
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Halloween Drink Recipes
No Halloween celebration is complete without drinks to match your costume. Try these cocktail recipes.
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The Best Detox Drinks
Like Slim-Fast-meets-Master Cleanse, these shakes promise to energize and detox. Our take on the latest.
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20 Things Not to Do At Your Office Holiday Party
Office-party pitfalls you should sidestep.
How Read a Wine List
Navigating the wine list.
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It's Bowling Night—Get the Kids a Martini!
Welcome to the NEW bowling: martinis, mojitos, and mayhem.
drink recipes marie claire cocktail
The Marie Claire Cocktail
Better than a cosmo!
cocktail garnished with purple orchid
Chic Cocktails for the Fashionista
Throw a fashionable holiday fête.
How to Throw a Party for Any Occasion
Expert tips.
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