These Are The Most Expensive Earrings on Earth

And they don't even match.

18 Outfit-Making Statement Earrings

Truly groundbreaking.

13 of Our Favorite Earrings to Buy Now
Dress up your ears!
Ouch! The History of Piercing
In one ear and out the other.
Hey, Where'd You Get That?
What do you wear to work when you work at one of the most famous fas…
Spring Style: Lace & Lattice
Cast your nets: Swaths of black lattice and lace catch eyes everywhere.
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fenton necklace
Showstoppers: The Best Nude Accessories
Wearing nothing but chains and crystals, the new neutrals shine like diamonds in the buff.
exotic fashion splurges and steals
Splurge vs. Steal: The Exotic Look
When the Dow's down, dress up. Simple skirts turn fierce when festooned with global exotica.
jessica alba
Mixing Silver and Gold
Rules of jewelry etiquette once dictated that silver jewelry be worn with silver, gold be worn with gold, and never the two shall meet.…
gold earrings
Dazzle In Drop Earrings
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