Our 5 Favorite Lena Dunham Quotes

We  rounded up the Lena Dunham's most spot-on moments.

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10 Things Every "Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman"...
How to start on the road to Grown-A*s Womanville. (Hint: Clean your …
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Recap: Girls, But Not Girlfriends
On the collective female friendship in Girls.
Girls Recap: Metaphorically Puking on Everyone
This episode is rotten to the black-hearted core.
Girls Goes There
We had no idea the show would go there.
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The Newest Voice in Girls
Marie Claire's Entertainment Director Tracy Shaffer talks with Jenny Lewis.
Girls Recap: The Grand, Dramatic Friendships
Hannah, Jessa, Marnie, and Shoshand Adamare back.
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It Was a Girls Night Out... Literally
All smiles at the Season 3 premiere of the HBO cult favorite.
Your Go-To Girls Refresher
Catching up on your favorite TV shows is as easy as reading this cheat sheet (SPOILER ALERT!).
Girls' Season 2, as Told Through Hannah, Marnie, Jessa, and Shoshanna's Style Evolution
It's been a confusing, much-too-short Season 2 for the girls of Girls. And as style and Girls obsessed as we at MC are, it was only a m…
Allison Williams: Not Trending Now
Sorry, social media, Girls star Allison Williams is just not that into you.
Gabrielle Bernstein's Marie Claire Meditation
New York City-based spiritual guru Gabrielle Bernstein gives Marie Claire some exclusive tips on meditation.
The Girls of Girls Get Glam at the Season 2 Premiere
Our favorite group of ladies on TV looked chic at the NYC screening of the first episode of the new season.
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Need to Meet: Lena Dunham
The 25-year-old triple threat writer, director, and actress is about to conquer cable with Girls, HBO's latest series. If you're stil…
Girls Gone Wild: London's Female Looters
Who were the young women who joined the chaotic riots in London, looting stores and igniting cars? You'd be surprised.
soho house nyc
Bachelorette Party: The Perfect Girls' Night In
Looking for the perfect venue for a bachelorette party, baby shower, or birthday party in NYC? You're in luck!
cee cee michaela teaches young girls about celibacy
Celebrating Celibacy
700 youths as young as 12 celebrate their celibacy.
eating habits
Are Your Friends Making You Fat?
What happens when your friends' problems start making you fat?
amusement park rides in the west bank city of jenin palestine
Where the Girls Are...
When a strict code of dress prevails, hows a girl supposed to kick up her heels?