mandy moore behind the scenes
Behind the Scenes with Mandy Moore
On a lazy Sunday at New York's Pier 59 Studios, the singer-slash-act…
How To Get Sexy Hair
Get Shiny Hair Now
It all depends on texture.
Classic suits for a day at the office
How to Get a Career in Fashion
Break into the industry
queen latifah
Updating Last Season's Looks
How to jazz up an old look with pieces from this season to look fresh all year round!
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lindsay lohan in black dress on the red carpet
Scarf as an Accessory
Scarves are a great accessory, particularly for summer. How to wear them around your neck, hips, and even in your hair.
woman getting pedicure
Get Sandal-Ready Feet
Put your best foot forward this summer with these tips for keeping your feet looking great in those new sandals.
black and red bikini bottoms
Bikini Line Dilemma
Our experts share their pro tips for dealing with a hairy situation.
jessica alba
Mixing Silver and Gold
Rules of jewelry etiquette once dictated that silver jewelry be worn with silver, gold be worn with gold, and never the two shall meet.…
paris hilton
How To Fake a Tan
When it comes to tans, faking it is the best way to go. How to get your skin from pasty to bronzed and avoid orange streaks.
salma hayek getting makeup applied for photo shoot
Salma Behind The Scenes
The Marie Claire cover shoot.
Behind The Scenes at the Marie Claire Cover Shoot With Sandra Oh
Behind The Scenes with Sandra Oh
The Marie Claire cover shoot
Cathie Black
Insider Secrets: How To Get Ahead
How to get on the fast track.
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model in black and gold striped minidress and brown boots
Sexy Thighs
Get your legs slim and toned
model in black and white dress
woman working career
7 Secrets for Success
How to come out on top
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How To Get Long Eyelashes
Extensions are no longer limited to the hair on your head---now, you can get eyelash extensions too. But are they safe?
Timeless Classics
With all the trends to choose from every season, what are the timeless, classic pieces should you invest in that will always be in styl…
Swimsuits for Every Body Type
This season's swimsuits flatter every body type! Norma Kamali's gorgeous suits cover your bottom in glamorous '40s styles!
woman in white hat
Establishing Your Own Style
It's easy to fall victim to fashion, especially if you read style magazines religiously. If you're a trend follower, it may be hard for…
girl with long blond hair
Summer Care for Dry Hair
Is the summer sun and ocean water taking a toll on your hair? Check out these pro tips for handling dry summer hair.
model with ponytail
How To Stop Breakouts
You may not be able to control whether or not you break out, but you can take steps to prevent it. Put away that concealer, and say hel…
Preventing Back and Chest Acne
As if breakouts on the face weren't bad enough, back and chest acne is a common problem, especially in the summer. Prevent it with thes…
Make Your Makeup Last
When it comes to long-lasting makeup, layering is key. Our tips on putting your makeup in its place---and how to keep it there.