Cheap Styling Tricks Under $5

Quick-and-easy outfit updates straight from the runways.

Trend Alert: Trousers
We have the skinny on one trend at New York Fashion Week.
ashley falcon
The Best Jeans for Curvy Women
Size-18 fashion stylist Ashley Falcon tries on 25 items for every pi…
girl in cargo pants and strapless top
Cheat Sheet: Fashion Revival
Hip new ways to revisit the pants looks you loved.
workout pants
Fitness Pants - My New Favorite
Body by Marty
woman in black blazer and pants
3 Easy Pieces Seven Ways!
Blazer, belt, and pants
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Splurge vs Steal: Wide Leg Pants
Splurge vs Steal: Fall Pants
Make room for wide-leg pants.
Crop it to Me
Cropped pants, that funky favorite, makes for a leg-centric season.
Fashion: Who Wears the Pants?; Top, $1600, pants, $1100, hat, $915, belt, $1250, gloves, Marc Jacobs.
The Best Fall Pants for You
Who wears the pants?
How To Hem Your Own Pants
How to Hem Your Own Pants
Hem Your Own Pants
Why Do These Jeans Cost $555?
Find out here ...
Timeless Classics
With all the trends to choose from every season, what are the timeless, classic pieces should you invest in that will always be in styl…
woman in white hat
Establishing Your Own Style
It's easy to fall victim to fashion, especially if you read style magazines religiously. If you're a trend follower, it may be hard for…
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Career Wardrobe Makeover
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