jamie campbell bower in twilight movie


The Least Sexy Vampires of All Time
As Breaking Dawn premieres, take a look at the famous bloodsuckers who don't have Robert Pattinson's good looks going for them.
Celebrity Style
From our favorite cover girls to their relaxing vacations, we show y…
dakota fanning
Dakota Fanning: All Grown Up
She talks to Tom Cruise regularly. Sean Penn visits her on set. And …
ashley greene in black leather
Eye Spy: Ashley Greene in All Black Leather
The Eclipse star strolls around London in a hot new look.
Eye Spy: Robert Pattinson Gets Groped in Public
RPatz arrives at Madame Tussaud's in L.A.
The Twilight: Eclipse Premiere Red Carpet!
Kristen, Taylor, Dakota, and, yes, Robert moseyed down the red carpet last night for the Twilight: Eclipse premiere.
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Are You Taking a Feminist Stand if You Want a Boyfriend?
A new article argues that girls are fighting back against the hook-up culture by reading the Twilight books and wanting old-fashioned b…
taylor lautner
Twilight Stars Glam Up the Red Carpet
The stars of the Twilight Saga film New Moon prove that once they strip off the freaky talents and tortured souls of their characters …