woman marrying robot


Would You Marry a Robot?
An expert predicts that'll be a common practice by the year 2050. 
Is Your Vibrator Giving You Cancer?
Some sex toys are made with chemicals that can seep into your bloods…
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valentines day gift
Valentine's Day Gift Guide
My Valentine's Day gift guide is based on how far you are in yourrel…
Health: Your Sex Life
Sex Machines Are Getting Bigger
Sex machines are getting bigger.
Sex, love, dating advice and help.
Masturbation And Me
I started masturbating in 7th grade. The ammo was a tattered 1978 Playboy. After a bunch of times looking through it without incident…
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(Come) Out, Damn'd Spot!-- A Map to the Female Orgasm?
Ever wonder why guys tend to go tearing off without maps up unfamiliar exit ramps, start putting together things without looking at the…
woman in a bra and underwear peeking through red curtains
Confessions of a Sex-Shop Salesgirl
Who knew that selling sex toys would provide such a window to the soul?