The Shrink Is In

Our resident psychiatrist, Dr. Samantha Boardman, answers all of your most pressing questions. It's like having a therapist—for free!

image Are New Year's Resolutions Still a Thing?

Our resident psychiatrist offers a way to make that resolution (finally) stick.

image How Can I Better Advocate For Myself?

Ain’t too proud to brag? Our resident psychiatrist encourages self-promotion.

image The Trick to Productivity, According to Science: Do Less to Do More

Our resident psychiatrist suggests a surprising productivity hack.

image Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Ambition?

Our resident psychiatrist dispels the notion that ambition is a bad thing.

Young woman outdoors looking sideways Is Living In the Moment Always Such a Good Thing?

Carpe diem? Our resident psychiatrist says not so fast—the future is worth a look.

image PSA: Chasing Happiness Leads to Unhappiness

If you’re only pursuing happiness, you’re doing it wrong.

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image Mastering the Art of Non-Terrible Small Talk

It's awkward. We know. Our resident psychiatrist is here to help.

image Is It Ever Helpful to Compare Myself to My Friends?

Our resident psychiatrist on when a little competition is healthy, and when it's self-sabotage

image Help! Climate Change Is Stressing Me Out

Our resident psychiatrist suggests ways to calm your eco-anxiety.

image Crack Open a New Book and Get Healthy

Our resident psychiatrist extols the unexpected benefits of vacation reading.

Attractive girl takes milk bath with milk. Yes, There Is Such a Thing as Too Much Self-Care

Our resident psychiatrist discusses the possibility of overdoing "Me Time."

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image How to Keep Curiosity Alive

Our resident psychiatrist on the importance of asking the right questions... and asking more of them.

image How to Banish a Bad Mood

Our resident psychiatrist shares easy tips to feel happier, every day.

image How to Give Yourself a Break When You Feel Like You're Treading Water

Our resident psychiatrist on the problem with keeping up appearances.

image Loneliness Reflects Quality of Relationships, Not Quantity

Our resident psychiatrist explains why you might feel alone, even when you're surrounded by people.

image Tips for How to Argue—Respectfully

Our resident psychiatrist gives us tips on keeping cool in the heat of the moment.

image Can People Really Change?

Our resident psychiatrist answers the age-old question.

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image A Therapist's Tips for Reducing Social Anxiety

Our resident psychiatrist helps even the most socially anxious feel comfortable and confident.

image How Venting Can Backfire And Make You Feel Worse

According to our resident psychiatrist, taking a more positive spin on things may help you feel better in the long run.

image Being Single May Make You Happier Than Ever

Our resident psychiatrist explains how being your own one-and-only can really pay off.