2 No-Fail Chick Magnets (Guaranteed!)

I wish I was one of those guys who could walk out the door and get lots of looks from the ladies. While I'm not completely unhappy with my looks, I know I'm not the type every girl must talk to just from looking at me.

Therefore, I have to design strategies to attract women when I'm out. I've had a couple of ideas based on observing women's behavior. There are things that men believe will attract women, or at least bring them over to start conversation.

There are a few things guys swear by. We guarantee these things bring in the ladies, although guy guarantees about women are about as reliable of those of a used-car salesman. Here are my top two "chick magnets":

My Nieces

These two critters attract attention wherever they go. At ages 2 and 4, they are at that perfect age where they can move around and get people to look, and everything they say is cute.

I can take these two to a playground or park and just let them recruit hot women for me. The only issues I have to avoid are:

- Women might think they are my children (although that will quickly be blown up when women see how uncomfortable and clueless I am with them).

- They might attract other moms with kids - parents like to bond over how fun/tough parenthood is.

But, if I can filter out all the single ladies, the nieces will definitely bring in more women than I could just sitting there in the park on my own.

I can even look like a "good brother" by telling any prospective hot girl that I'm "just watching the girls so my sister can have some time in NYC to herself." What a saint I am.

The one thing I'll have to do before taking the girls out is make sure my sister does all the necessary things to have them ready for a long visit to the park: namely, diaper changing. If I have to figure out how to change a diaper in a public place at the spur of the moment, it will turn from a fun excursion to meet ladies to a disaster quickly.


My cats are mean and fat, and would probably kill someone if I took them out in public, so I have to somehow get my hands on a friend's cute dog. Women flock to puppies, and puppies are instant conversation starters.

I can simply put the doggy on the leash and unleash him/her upon the female population of NYC. It seems romance blooms at the dog runs at various parks around the city, as dog owners chat happily amongst each other.

Apparently there are places you can rent dogs too, but I'm not too keen on confusing an animal by allowing many people to care for it. Of course this whole quandary of not actually owning a dog brings up another problem: Once the girl (who is probably dating me for the cute dog) realizes I don't actually own that cute dog, she'll split.

I consider books to be a good female attracter. Sitting there reading a book can start conversation, but it's not as dynamic as a dog or my nieces. I could also sit and play guitar, but that doesn't attract women in public. It works better when I play it personally for them.

In my experience, women don't just walk up to me and talk randomly without some assistance. The common denominator is whatever I have on my person should be cute because I'm not cute enough on my own to have a woman approach. Maybe this whole post means I'd do better meeting women in the park than drinking like a fish in a bar.

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