The Full House Reunion That Changed Our Lives (VIDEO)

The guys from "Full House" reunited on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

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We're all a little nostalgic for the nineties—have you noticed?. So naturally, the best thing to happen all week (nay, all year) was the surprise Full House reunion on Jimmy Fallon's late night show on Wednesday. What ever happened to predictability? Bob Saget, John Stamos (have mercy!), and Dave Coulier reprised their beloved roles as Danny Tanner, Uncle Jessie, and Joey Gladston to comfort him on his big move to hosting NBC's Tonight Show.

Everything was perfect, right down to the pencil big-kid bed in Michelle's room that I used to dream about. They hugged, they sang, and they instilled the important advice they used to recite on a weekly basis during my childhood. Sigh, my youth.

The best part, however, was the Jessie and the Rippers mashup performance. John Stamos has definitely still got it (have mercy x2). Aunt Becky even planted a wet one on him in the end! Watch and try not to cry for the ways things used to be.