Marie Claire Wants You—and Everybody You Know!—to Vote

It's the one thing we have power over. Take two minutes to register here.

The Ecowarriors Greenifying Big Tech

Corporate sustainability officers are business’s latest climate-change weapon.

Who Is Kerry Kennedy, Andrew Cuomo's Ex-Wife and a Prominent Activist?

Journalists called her marriage "Cuomolot."

How Planned Parenthood Is Providing Critical Reproductive Care During Coronavirus

"Even in a pandemic, access to reproductive health is critical."

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Tested Positive for Coronavirus

Johnson said he was tested after displaying "mild symptoms."

Not White in America: What It Feels Like to Be Chinese During Coronavirus

COVID-19 has triggered prejudice and abuse towards Asian Americans across the country. How do we stop the infection?

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Paid Leave Could Have Helped the U.S. Halt Coronavirus

We need federal, permanent paid sick leave policies now more than ever, argues Time's Up CEO Tina Tchen.

“I’m Homeless—How Can I Self-Quarantine?”

In California, homeless and housing-insecure families struggle to find safe places to shelter from coronavirus.

Could the National Conventions Be Canceled This Year?

Up to 50,000 people attend each event.

How Katie Porter Got Free Coronavirus Testing for Millions

“I think too often members of Congress wander into hearings and simply read off a piece of paper."

Time's Up CEO Tina Tchen on the Weinstein Verdict and Future of #MeToo

"Every now and then, you have a moment where transformational change can happen. I believe we are in one of those moments."

Everybody (Currently) Running for President In 2020

We're down to just a few candidates now.

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Women Mourn the End of Elizabeth Warren's Campaign

"You've inspired me and so many other young girls around the country to fight for what's right with love and dignity."

The Swing States That Will Determine Who Wins the Presidency

Donald Trump's fate is in the hands of these major Electoral College votes.

Who Is Diana Taylor, Mike Bloomberg's Long-Term Partner?

She says she defines herself by both her career and her family.

Who Is Susan Brown, Michael Bloomberg's Ex-Wife?

The two are apparently "best friends."

It’s Almost Super Tuesday. Here’s How to Prepare

Veteran campaign strategist Emily Tisch Sussman offers tips on voting for the candidate who's actually the best choice.

Hope Is Roe's Last Chance

Inside the clinic at the center of next month’s Supreme Court abortion showdown.

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Which Republican Is Still Running Against Trump?

"I do want to have compliance with the constitution and the rule of law."

Norah O'Donnell Is the Journalist You Need to Know This Election Season

O'Donnell will co-moderate the Democratic primary debate in South Carolina today.