Senator Tammy Duckworth Doesn't Want Her Daughter's Birth to Be News Anymore

"It says something about where our country is, especially in relation to other developed industrialized nations, that this is such big news."

Donald Trump Mocks #MeToo Movement While Making Jab at Sen. Elizabeth Warren

"We have to do it gently because we're in the MeToo generation."

If Trump Picks This Justice for SCOTUS, Everything Could Change for Women in America

Amy Coney Barrett could transform the abortion rights landscape.

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Donald Trump Jr., Eric Trump, And Golfer Jack Nicklaus Unveil New Clubhouse At Trump Golf Links Donald Trump Jr. Should Probably Log Off Twitter

And by probably, I mean definitely.

I'm the President of NARAL. Roe v. Wade Is in Grave Danger.

The time to fight harder than ever is now.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Just Made History in New York

"Women like me aren't supposed to run for office."

If the News Cycle Is Giving You Compassion Fatigue, Here's What You Can Do

Experts explain how to fight numbness when everything is really, really bad.

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How a Walgreens Pharmacist (Legally) Refused to Give This Woman a Prescribed Abortion Pill

Nicole Arteaga tells MarieClaire.com she shared her story to "make women feel less alone"—because it could happen to you, too.

Separating Families at the Border Is Just One Way Trump is Trying to Tear Apart Immigrant Families

I was America's first-ever Latina senator. And I will fight this.

An Ethics Expert Explains Why This Sarah Huckabee Sanders Tweet Violates Ethics Law

"Sarah, I know you don’t care even a tiny little bit about the ethics rules, but..."

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I'm a DREAMer Who Grew Up Undocumented, Poor, and Terrified. That's Why I'm Running for Office.

"What’s happening in the United States of America at this moment is pure terrorism, cruel, inhuman treatment of children."

Mira Was Torn From Her Family During The Holocaust. Here's What She Thinks About 2018.

"I didn’t think that would be the last time I saw my parents."

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Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern Is the First World Leader to Take Maternity Leave

The New Zealand PM announced the birth of her baby girl on Thursday.

Why We Need To Hear the Sobs of Children At the Border, According To Psychologists

"We need to bear witness to both the best parts of humanity and to the worst parts of humanity."

What Happens to Children When They're Separated From Their Parents

The separation of immigrant children from their families is more than a political choice—it could be a public health crisis.

Worth the Download: Barbara Boxer's New Podcast 'Fight Back' Is a Feminist Rallying Cry

The badass former senator isn't spending retirement relaxing. She's teamed up with her equally badass daughter, Nicole, to record a weekly rallying cry for American women.

“Stay-at-Home Daughters” Are Rejecting Oppressive Christian Patriarchy

Women raised by the Christian patriarchy are defined by complete subservience to their father, mastering homemaking skills, and abstaining from college and career. But even as the ideology gains influence on a national stage, a small minority of brave young women are defying their families and churches to live life on their own terms.

Anti Fracking Banner The Environmental Crisis in Our Backyard

Eliza Griswold's new book asks the tough questions about fracking.

Anthony Bourdain Kate Spade ​It's Time to Talk About the Media's Role in Rising Suicide Rates​

A new report from the CDC sheds light on the issue.

Cheerleaders to NFL: Time's Up for You Too

As the league drags its feet, MarieClaire.com gets an exclusive update on the status of the dancers' complaints.

Lori Lightfoot Is Running Against Her Old Boss, Rahm Emanuel, for Mayor of Chicago

She would be the first gay person and first black woman to run the U.S.'s third largest city.

The Fight for Their Lives

Parkland student activists Jaclyn Corin, Sarah Chadwick, and Delaney Tarr reflect on life before and after the deadliest school shooting in the U.S. since Sandy Hook—and how they're inspiring a global mission to end gun violence.

I'm Pregnant and I Want My Baby—But I Still Need to Know My Abortion Options

Trump’s proposed changes to Title X threaten that.

Stacey Abrams Is Poised to Become the First Female African-American Governor

People have told her she won't win because she's black. She's not listening.

If the Trump Administration Truly Wanted to Reduce Abortion, This Is What They Would Do

The domestic gag rule won’t work—in fact, it may increase the rates of unintended pregnancy, teen pregnancy, and abortion. This is what the president should do instead.

Donald Trump's New Rule Denies Funding to Clinics That Have Anything to Do With Abortions

"This is an attempt to take away women’s basic rights, period."

This New Website Is Doing WORK for the Women of New York City

You're gonna want to bookmark Women.nyc ASAP.

Irish Women Want Their Bodies Back

Ireland is so rigidly anti-abortion, its law criminalizing the procedure is written into its constitution. On the eve of a referendum to repeal the ban, women are leading the charge to end reproductive restrictions that have endangered their health for nearly 100 years.

This Woman Was Arrested 15 Times—All Because Her Father Sexually Abused Her

She's just one of thousands of women caught in the sex abuse to prison pipeline.