image Cory Booker and Rosario Dawson's Relationship Has Evolved in a Major Way

Yes, they are still dating, even though she doesn't show up to every event (eyeroll).

image There's Hope Universal Background Checks Could Pass. These Republicans Are Proof.

That is, whenever Mitch McConnell decides to put the American people before the NRA.

image A Detailed Timeline of the Jeffrey Epstein Scandal

Epstein was found dead in his cell Saturday morning.

image 18 Ways Women Still Aren't Equal to Men

If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, show them these statistics.

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image Larry Nassar's Likely First Victim Alleges Even Darker Evils in New Book on His Abuse

In 'The Girls,' out today, former gymnast Sara Teristi says that in 1991 she was the victim of perhaps Nassar's worst crime.

image Wednesday Night’s Debate Was the End of the Default Male Candidate

In one five-minute exchange, the era of the “woman candidate” came to a close.

image What Did Joe Biden Mean By “Joe 30330”?

Biden directed viewers to visit Joe 30330 ...which is not his website.

image Is Tulsi Gabbard's Husband the Coolest Political Spouse of 2020?

He's been a big part of her political campaign.

image Why Pete Buttigieg's Dad Was Also a Household Name In Their Community

He had a huge impact on his only son, now a 2020 candidate.

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image How To Volunteer For A Political Campaign and Change The World

To quote poet June Jordan, "We are the ones we have been waiting for."

image So What Is Marianne Williamson's Reparations Plan, Exactly?

She wants to give Black Americans their 40 acres and a mule.

image So Pete Buttigieg Speaks Seven Languages, No Biggie

Way to make me feel dumb, Pete.

image Joe Biden's Capacity for Empathy Has Been Described as a "Superpower"

Before Biden lost his son, Beau, he tragically lost his first wife Neilia and daughter Naomi.

image So, What's Elizabeth Warren's Plan for Gun Control?

It's weaker than some of her colleagues, but she's committed to creating common-sense gun reform.

image Having Six Women Running for President Changes Everything

Women are used to the "only" experience. Not this time.

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image Trump’s Attack on "the Squad" Proves We’re Scaring Him

In the lead-up to 2020, the president is looking closely at ways to discredit the power of women and women of color.

image So Oprah's "Spiritual Advisor" Is Running for President In 2020

"We have to fall in love again with what this country can mean."

image If "Mayor Pete" Were Elected, We'd Have Our First Same-Sex "First Gentleman"

The couple continue to share tidbits about their life together.

image You've Definitely Quoted Marianne Williamson Without Realizing It

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate." Sound familiar?

image Ilhan Omar Knew Exactly How to Respond to Trump's Comments

Quoting Maya Angelou is always a boss move.

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