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These Two Women Will Give You a Confidence-Infusion

Tiler Peck and Eden Grinshpan are serious #goals.

20 Candles That Will Light Up Your World

How many candles is too many candles? (Asking for a friend.)

Chelsea Clinton on Her New Book and the People Who Inspire Her—Including the Parkland Students

She Persisted Around the World is out now (and recommended for adults too).

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20 Outstanding Skincare Products That Will Really, Truly Change Your Life

The only formulas you'll ever need for seriously flawless skin.

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San Francisco Becomes Largest U.S. City to Ban Fur

The news comes after a growing list of fashion designers have pledged to stop using real animal fur.

CHad Michael Murray returns to One tree Hill
Chad Michael Murray Returns to the 'One Tree Hill' Bridge, Gets Weirdly Nostalgic

"I spent many days on this porch pondering life’s great enigmas..."

Zayn Malik's Post-Gigi Hadid Makeover Just Got Even More Dramatic

First, a giant neck tattoo. Now, a bleach blond beard.

You Can Now Buy Edible Gummy Bears That "Help You Tan"

I have many thoughts on this, most of which are "hell, no."

Fashion Month Has Spoken: These Are the 7 Biggest Hair Trends of 2018

And they're all "I have zero time for my hair" friendly.

Required Listening: The Best Pop Songs of 2018

Yes, the kind you actually want to dance to.

Who Is Mia Swier? Everything You Need to Know About Darren Criss' Fiancée

"I didn’t know I was going to be on TV when we started dating."

We Found Out What Really Goes on Behind the Scenes of Lifetime's 'Glam Masters'

Everything you wanted to know but won't see, according to judge Zanna Roberts Rassi.

How Marie Claire's Digital Director Started Dressing When She Became Boss

Big job, big style.