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Pointed Observations About Sharp Objects Episode 3

This is among the most difficult-to-watch episodes of television I've ever seen.

Meghan Markle's Half-Sister Gave Yet Another Tell-All Interview

"I believe, in her heart, [Meghan] would want that."

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Hannah Gadsby
You Won't Be Able to Stop Thinking About These Quotes From Hannah Gatsby's 'Nanette'

"I don't hate men, but I wonder how a man would feel if they would have lived my life."

20 Celebrities in Gloriously '80s Fashion

The bigger the blazer, the closer to god.

What Do Antioxidants Really Do for Your Skin?

Other than make your face look freaking phenomenal.

Help, I'm Obsessed with Anthropologie's New Wellness Shop

Crystals and oil diffusers and journals and someone stop me.

30 Times the Royal Family Has Broken Protocol

As Hannah Montana so eloquently put it, "nobody's perfect."