12 Fall Date Ideas for the Coziest Season of All

The outdoors are not the enemy this time around.

Carry On Up The Khyber
8 Things I Learned from Going to a Sex Party
Georgia Clark, author of The Bucket List, on what an orgy-as-book-re…
This Artist Uses Gold to Destigmatize Periods
Historically, we associate menstruating with shame. No more, says Fa…

From real women's fascinating sex stories to the best sex advice you've never heard.

24 best sex toys as reviewed by experts
The 23 Most Popular Vibrators, Reviewed by Experts

The most trusted source in feelin' yourself.

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Celebrity Sightings In Paris - August 27, 2018
Lady Gaga's Instagram Is Filled With NSFW Photos and Nobody Knows What's Going On

All we know is that 27-year-old Eli Russell Linnetz took the shots.

This NSFW Artist Is Reimagining What It Means For Women to Feel Erotic

“Feminism is just reclaiming sex as your own.”

How I Trained Myself to Have Multiple Orgasms

And how you can, too.

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The Ultimate Guide to Hot (And Safe) Sexting

Who said you can't be thirsty and technologically savvy?

What to Do If You're an Introvert and He's Not

Our resident psychiatrist Samantha Boardman on how couples with different personality types can find balance.

I Met My BFF on Bumble
Once you've traded in college quads for office cubicles, creating new, meaningful adult friendships seems like something that happens o…
Big Foot Holding Woman
What’s Bigfoot Erotica? So Glad You Asked!

Show up to the 2018 midterm election armed with facts.

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This Editor-Approved Sex Toy Is on Sale for Prime Day

"[It] gave me a totally new kind of orgasm."

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I Tried 11 Different Sex Apps to Spice Up My Marriage

From erotica to Truth or Dare, there is definitely an app for that.

6 Tips for Having the Best Period Sex Ever

For when you want to make a mess.