Inside the Opioid Epidemic—and Who It Hurts Most

An eye-opening chat with 'Warning: This Drug May Kill You' director Perri Peltz.

My Life as a Falling-Down, Blacking-Out,...
I haven't had a drink or a drug since 2011, but if I were to have a …
oreo cocaine
Oreo Study Finds that Cookies are as Addictive as...
Yes, you read that headline correctly.
the lost child by julie myerson
Need to Read: The Lost Child
When British author Julie Myerson came out with The Lost Child, abou…
Single Sex
When Desires Turn Addictive

At what point does your craving for sex cross the line?

woman with laptop
Confessions: Addicted to Internet Dating
I was an addict, and my drug was online dating.
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Beauty: How much is too much? tanning.
Are You Tanorexic?
Addicted literally to UV.