The High-Performer's Cheat Sheet

The 10 rarely-discussed-but-totally-essential career skills they don't teach in business school—and expert advice on how to nail them.


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    Order an appropriate (and commanding) cocktail at a work function.

    Accurate or not, colleagues make all sorts of assumptions about you based on your drink of choice. "Avoid drinks that are clichés of what women order"—fruity concoctions, margaritas, spritzers—cautions Alpana Singh, owner of The Boarding House in Chicago, who a decade ago, at age 26, became the world's youngest female master sommelier. Pinot noirs and sauvignon blancs are no-fail wine options. When it comes to liquors, "stick with Mad Men–era classic cocktails, like martinis or Manhattans, which look and sound classy."

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