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Anna Lewis

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Anna Lewis is the News Editor at Delish UK, which means she’s always either writing about food, cooking food or eating food. Anna is in charge of Delish UK’s epic food news output, ensuring you’re always up-to-date with the latest product launches, food trends, and restaurant news. She specialises in Slimming World recipes, but she’ll eat just about anything – ideally gherkins or ice-cream sandwiches (but not together).

love actually
Emma Thompson's Tragic 'Love Actually' Scene Actually Happened to Her in Real Life

She says her heart was broken after her husband Kenneth Branagh's affair with Helena Bonham Carter.

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Kylie Jenner
Wait a Minute…Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott Engaged?

The new mom does seem to be wearing a diamond ring.

Ewan McGregor's Wife Eve Responds to Speech in Which He Thanked Her *and* His New Girlfriend

The awkward moment took place at last weekend's Golden Globes.

stranger things
Here’s How Much the 'Stranger Things' Cast Gets Paid Per Episode

Let's just say it's a hell of a lot of money for a 13-year-old who's only buying Eggos.

Harry Potter: Hermione, Harry and Ron
Read the Original 'Harry Potter' Pitch J.K. Rowling Sent to Publishers

Just a reminder: 12 publishers said no before it got picked up.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie
Kit Harington Went to a Costume Party as Jon Snow Because Rose Leslie Made Him

"I won't love you if you don't wear it.”

This 'Game Of Thrones' Season 8 Casting Could Ruin a Popular Fan Theory

Plus everything else we know so far.

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khloe kardashian tristan thompson
Was Khloé Kardashian Trying to Tell Us That She Was Pregnant in June?

We missed her not-so-subtle Snapchat about her and Tristan Thompson being "dad and mom"