How to Deal With The Golden Child of the Office

Dear CC: My boss gets on my case about things that she totally lets slide when her "pet" is the one doing them. How can I make her see the darker side of her golden boy?

You mean, mentioning the two Sharpies you saw him slip into his bag? Or the fact that he nicked your carrot sticks from the fridge? Better yet, why not show off your own accomplishments and potential instead? Clearly, you need more face time with the boss to lay out your good deeds. If your review is coming up, that's an excellent opportunity. You're not defensive; Golden Boy never comes up. It's just, "I assume you're aware that it was my early intervention that landed the Schnyderman account, and here are my plans for 10 more breakthroughs in '08." Passion and enthusiasm go a long way-and maybe that's what Golden Boy is bringing to the table.

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