How Do I Get A Promotion?

Dear CC: My immediate supervisor left for another job, and

I'm next in line. But it's been two weeks, and I've heard nothing. I've always

gotten good reviews, so why haven't they called me in yet?

Good things do not happen to those who wait. Waiting happens

to those who wait. CC has met some bosses who will not even consider giving a

promotion unless you go in and ask for it. The approach shouldn't be, "So,

my turn now, eh?" but rather, "I know Brandi has moved on. I believe

I'm totally capable of handling her responsibilities, and here's why. Plus, I

have a suggestion on how my duties can be picked up." Be ready to make

your case and check around to see what the salary should be. If you do get the

offer, you'll probably have to accept the hometown discount, but CC believes

it's OK to counter, "I know this job would pay X if you had to go outside

the company. I'm not asking for X, but I believe I deserve Y." Good


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