How Are You Living?

Recently, I moved from my very cozy (read: very tiny) studio in Harlem to a two-bedroom apartment in Brooklyn. All told, the move should be saving me at least $200 a month but I'm already starting to miss my old digs. And it was the sound of my roomie's alarm this morning that reminded me why. We've all got our morning routines and I prefer to carry mine out in complete and total silence. And this morning's disruption put me in an instant bad mood. Getting used to living with someone else's schedule and lifestyle is no doubt an adjustment-one I decided I was willing to make to save a little cash. Living alone, for all its perks and quiet, is pricey, and one place I could easily cut back. But is the $200 a month ($2,400 a year) I'm saving, really worth it? I think so. For starters, I can think of more than a few ways to spend that extra $200. Plus, I've essentially upgraded to bigger spot with a real bedroom (with a door!).

So what's your living arrangement like?

Roommates or living single?

Did you give up some things in your ideal apartment situation to save a little money?

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