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Workplace worries, thorny career questions, financial fiascoes - I've got them covered! Learn how to deal with the crabby boss or the annoying co-worker. Stuck in a rut? Here's how to get out of it. Nothing to wear to work? Learn how to build a professional wardrobe that goes way beyond the power suit. It's all here - check it out then start planning your route to the corner office.

Call me "CC," Cubicle Coach. I have been "you" and now I can hire "you." I have many years of experience playing the angles, doing the dance. In my time, I've seen 'em all - the strivers, the poseurs, the weasels, the Eeyores, and the precious few who "just get it." I'll tell it to you straight. None of that "good things happen to those who wait" crap. I believe you are the creator of your own career destiny, but I also believe in loyalty and playing fair. So sit down and read on - and if you don't have a corner office next year, well, maybe you'll at least score a cubicle with room for an extra pair of shoes.

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