Office Decor: Seat of Power

Whether you're in a cubicle or corner office, ensure that your work space telegraphs major mojo with these basic decorating rules from fashionista turned pro interior designer Cindy Greene

Cindy Greene
(Image credit: Courtesy of the Selby Office: The Subject)

TIP 1: Splurge on organizational accessories. A neat desk suggests you've got all your bases covered—even if you don't. Invest in a matching desk set for all your loose pens, papers, and clips. (Search and Pinterest for fun finds.)

TIP 2: Ditch the conventional desk. Instead, opt for a stainless-steel worktable sans drawers. (Stash your stuff in those spiffy desk accessories we suggested you invest in!) The sleek look works best in large communal spaces. (Try or for options.)

TIP 3: Visually toot your own horn. Line up every award, certificate, and framed photo taken with a VIP on a single shelf, above eye level, ideally a few feet below the ceiling where they're certain to be seen by visitors. They'll assume you're a big shot and treat you accordingly.

TIP 4: Art your walls.Avoid lame inspirational posters or The Starry Night knockoffs. Showcase your creative side with affordable pieces from or (It's OK to display your child's artwork so long as it's framed.)