Jimmy Kimmel Tricked People into Thinking Kanye Named His Son "Keurig," and It Worked

Not far off base, to be honest.

Jimmy Kimmel
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Kim Kardashian just gave birth (opens in new tab) to a healthy baby boy named Saint West (opens in new tab), presumably because he's chill with hanging around all-powerful beings (by which Yeezus means Yeezus). 

Prior to the big reveal, the internet spent several days anxiously wondering what Kimye's baby would be named, and Jimmy Kimmel took full advantage by pranking the good people of California. In an special edition of Lie Witness News, the late-night host told locals Kimye had named their baby everything from Fievel Goes West to Keurig—which, frankly, sounds like something Kanye *would* name a baby.

There were some priceless reactions, including one guy who says what we're all thinking: "Good luck in school, I suppose."

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Mehera Bonner
Entertainment Editor

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