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Shower Like A Supermodel: Kate Upton's Secret to Glowing Skin

Sports Illustrated cover-girl Kate Upton shares how she stays fresh and clean, even after an intense workout.

When we caught up with Kate Upton at the AXE event Wednesday night, she was kicking some serious ass. The swimsuit model went head-to-head with Giant's Super Bowl champion Jason Pierre-Paul, challenging him to a variety of games, from a runway showdown to ping-pong to throwing a football. Upton — who grew up on a farm in Michigan playing flag football games with her family — effortlessly schooled him in nearly every match. After working up a sweat, this laid-back model hits the shower with a bottle of AXE Sport Blast 2-in-1 Shower Gel + Shampoo. She explains that "the refreshing formula makes my skin super-soft and the light, and the clean scent keeps me energized after an intense workout." Um, have you seen her in a bikini? We're sold.

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