cherries in bowl
What Nutritionists Really Eat
Do top food experts follow the strict advice they dole out to their …
Ultimate Post-Workout Food
How do you keep fat burning and muscles toning long after you've lef…
best hair products
Must-Have Products for Healthy Hair
Check out these beauty products that will help undo the damage to yo…
spicy lobster salad
Spicy Summer Lobster Salad
Shellfish rules the menus from Maine to Delaware and is a versatile …
Migraine News and Views
The economy's not the only thing suffering these days. Migraines cost this country $13 billion a year in lost work. Stress is a common …
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blue print cleanse day 1
3 Days to Healthy Living
Together, Exhale Spa and Blue Print Cleanse created a mind body cleanse package for NY clientele.
woman running
Fitness Files: Runner's High
This freaky gravity-defying treadmill (which requires being fastened into rubber shorts) lifts you off your feet so you can run with mi…
woman in lace bra
Wear a Bra!
"Repeated [breast] stretching may lead to irreversible damage," Scurr says even for A cups.
montage of different foods including fish poultry fruit and vegetables
Start Your Diet Smart
Tips for a successful start to your diet.
health mistakes for women
6 Health Mistakes Smart People Make
The little things you can fix right now to keep your body healthy and happy in the long run.
ways to save money on grocery bills
Eat Healthy, Save Money
Even if you're not interested in going on a diet plan these tips from Weight Watchers can help minimize costs while maximizing efforts …
Do You Have Blackberry Thumb?
You know it as BlackBerry Thumb - that dull pain in your wrists that results from your dependence on handheld tech.
vitamin d pills
Eat This Now: Vitamin D
Vitamin D might help prevent heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and even the flu.
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Check out the Club
Soda water was produced in the home by "charging" a refillable seltzer bottle by filling it with water and then adding sodium bicarbona…
leaves in a glass
The Eco-Chic Living Guide to Be More Green
Here is your green guide to eco-chic living.
model in gray shirt sipping a drink out of a straw
Acai: The New Superfood
The antioxidant mother lode.
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Fixing My Heart
True story.
The best shoes, bags, and jewelry of the season
What Is a Carbon Footprint?
Figure out what it all means here.
Carbon Footprint: Whose Is Smaller?
How do you stack up?