DJ Khaled Gives Jimmy Kimmel a Snapchat Lesson, Wins at Life

Behold, the major 🔑  to Snapchat success.

DJ Khaled, man who got lost on a jet ski, stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live to instruct Jimmy Kimmel in the art of Snapchat, and he dished so many important musings. Like, did you know you can make candles out of Cinnamon Toast Crunch? You do now. 

If you're in the market for Khaled wisdom, please listen up because major🔑  is coming at you:

1. "The 🔑  is to be yourself." 

2. "Another 🔑  to Snapchat is to spread positive energy."

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3. "The 🔑  is to secure the bag." (Not sure what this means, but seems legit.)

4. "That's the 🔑, don't fall for the trap." (Again, not 100 percent sure what he's talking about, but cool-cool-cool.)

5. "Listerine is a major 🔑  to success."

*Special bonus #6 that is not 🔑 , but should be: "I love fruit snacks!"

Watch the video below for footage of DJ Khaled rubbing cocoa butter all over his face, as well as an invigorating conversation about Jet Ski Gate.

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