Lena Dunham

The GE Executive Pulling Women Up the Ladder with Her

Lena Dunham interviews GE vice chair Beth Comstock.

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Read An Excerpt from Lena Dunham's College Diary

A selection of "creative snippets and observations."

Why Kesha's Case Is About More Than Kesha

Lena Dunham on not accepting shame and fear as the status quo.

Letters to Lenny: Bridesmaid Hate

Lena and Jenni offer advice on how to cope when friends don't get along.

I Love You, Natalie

Sometimes friendship is everything.

The Lenny Interview: Bobby Eckstein, Sexual-Assault-Prevention Educator

Meet the man fighting rape culture on campus.

The Lenny Interview: Charlotte Rampling

The celebrated actress and fashion icon discusses feminism, film, and her fondness for Sylvia Plath.

Hearing the Call

Lena Dunham takes us back to the early, uncertain days of her career.

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Lena Dunham Opens Up About Her Life with Endometriosis

"It's no longer possible to hide my pain, fear, or fatigue."

The Lenny Questionnaire: Sarah Silverman

The comedian and actress talks about her first kiss and her favorite body part in this incisive interview.

Exclusive Sneak Peek: Marie Claire April Cover Star Kerry Washington
What happens when Lena Dunham interviews Kerry Washington? Unfiltered magic.
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