You Can Now Become a Professional Cat Nanny

Dream. Job. 

If you love coffee and cats (and, frankly, who doesn't?), say hello to your dream job. A cat café in Manchester, England is now hiring an official "cat nanny" to oversee all its feline-related tasks.

The Cat Cafe Manchester is planning to open this spring, and like similar establishments, plans to offer hot beverages and plenty of furry friends as part of the coziest restaurant concept ever.

According to the posted job description, the pet-sitting duties include feeding, grooming, training, and (most importantly) playing with the kitties. It also doesn't hurt to start saving your boxes and yarn—the cat nanny is even responsible for "developing games and rearranging furniture to keep the cats' environment interesting and new."

Of course, being a cat nanny is not entirely awesome. Just like a responsible pet owner, the caretaker will need to wash the bedding and clean the litter boxes. Plus, the position pays about $11 an hour—not exactly the salary of a fat cat. This hasn't dissuaded hundreds of animal lovers, though. More than 2,700 members have joined the restaurant's Facebook group in hopes of getting paid to cuddle fluffy felines. 

According to co-owner Ellie Close, successful applicants will be invited to interview by the end of April. Good luck!

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