A Definitive List to Staying Sane While Getting Ahead in Your Career

This career-focused girl needs a little TLC every now and then.

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If you're anything like me, your job doesn't allow for much down time. Taking a vacation is often out of the question when you work in a digital world filled with Kimye weddingsaward shows, and time-sensitive viral videos. Technically, yes, I can take time off. But do I really want to miss the day that Scout Willis posts a NSFW protest on Twitter? Hell no. I love my job.

So, in order to get some uninterrupted me time every now and again, I have become a huge fan of the staycation. It means minimal time away from the office, full access to wifi — just in case — and a few blissful moments dedicated to yours truly. Not to mention less stress in the way of finances.

Though there are about a million things you can do during your staycation, here are my top five selections for some well-deserved R&R.

1. Stay two nights in a luxe hotel. I chose The Plaza Hotel because I've always had a thing for Eloise... and bathrooms gilded in gold.

2. Get a spa treatment. My personal favorite is Bliss's Scrub & Color. Just because you're not away on vacation doesn't mean you can't come back with a tan.

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3. Rent a car. This way, you can get in some of those important "twentysomething" bonding moments with your buds on a day drive to a nearby city, beach, or concert.

4. Explore a different part of town. There's no way you're familiar with every nook and cranny of your city. Check out a new restaurant, people watch in a café, or hit up those note-worthy landmarks you haven't gotten around to visiting yet. The world is yours!

5. Sleep in. This may seem obvious (and perhaps unnecessary) but I promise, it's not. The number one thing I sometimes forget to take seriously while working is a good night's sleep. Wash your face, put on your softest pajamas, and hit the sack... hard. It'll do more good than you think.

Bed, Lighting, Yellow, Room, Property, Interior design, Bedding, Textile, Bedroom, Photograph,

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