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A Definitive List to Staying Sane While Getting Ahead in Your Career

This career-focused girl needs a little TLC every now and then.

If you're anything like me, your job doesn't allow for much down time. Taking a vacation is often out of the question when you work in a digital world filled with Kimye weddings, award shows, and time-sensitive viral videos. Technically, yes, I can take time off. But do I really want to miss the day that Scout Willis posts a NSFW protest on Twitter? Hell no. I love my job.

So, in order to get some uninterrupted me time every now and again, I have become a huge fan of the staycation. It means minimal time away from the office, full access to wifi — just in case — and a few blissful moments dedicated to yours truly. Not to mention less stress in the way of finances.

Though there are about a million things you can do during your staycation, here are my top five selections for some well-deserved R&R.

1. Stay two nights in a luxe hotel. I chose The Plaza Hotel because I've always had a thing for Eloise... and bathrooms gilded in gold.

2. Get a spa treatment. My personal favorite is Bliss's Scrub & Color. Just because you're not away on vacation doesn't mean you can't come back with a tan.

3. Rent a car. This way, you can get in some of those important "twentysomething" bonding moments with your buds on a day drive to a nearby city, beach, or concert.

4. Explore a different part of town. There's no way you're familiar with every nook and cranny of your city. Check out a new restaurant, people watch in a café, or hit up those note-worthy landmarks you haven't gotten around to visiting yet. The world is yours!

5. Sleep in. This may seem obvious (and perhaps unnecessary) but I promise, it's not. The number one thing I sometimes forget to take seriously while working is a good night's sleep. Wash your face, put on your softest pajamas, and hit the sack... hard. It'll do more good than you think.


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