Experts You'll Need: Changing Careers

You know what they say—change can be a good thing.

Maybe you're stuck in a position you no longer love, or a profession that no longer fulfills you… Feeling like it's finally time to press reset on your life and reboot your career? Don't go it alone; there are a few people that you can reach out to that'll help you navigate this journey with ease. Here a few experts:

1) A Financial Advisor

Starting over can end up being quite expensive, particularly if you plan on returning to school. Set aside some time to have a professional crunch some numbers and see if you're currently in a financially feasible position to make the move right now. If so, great! If not, they'll help you streamline your budget and put a new and improved savings plan into motion.

2) A Resume Consultant

If it's been a while since you've been on the job market, you may want to consider hiring an expert that knows precisely how to sell you on paper despite your lack of direct experience. They'll create a compelling resume that'll highlight your transferable skills, professional qualifications and volunteer experience using relevant keywords and phrases that hiring managers want to see.

3) A Headhunter

It couldn't hurt to get in front of a recruiter for an exploratory interview. Be open about everything—including your interests, limitations and requirements—so that he or she will be able to evaluate your credentials and assess your chances at successfully securing the position you're aiming for.

4) A Mentor

Double down on your market research—jot down a few names of those currently at the top of your intended field, and put in a couple of phone calls to see if you can get a quick meeting with one or two. Hopefully someone will be open to sharing their industry experiences over coffee. Make sure you ask about the great, the good, the bad and the ugly—you'll want to know everything before you roll the dice. Real world advice will prove to be invaluable at some point.

Good luck!

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