I Think I'm Going to Get Fired - What Now?

Dear CC: I think I'm going to get fired in a few weeks. But I am very close to landing a new, better job. Do I grab it or stall and collect my severance here?

You're about to attempt a maneuver worthy of CC's favorite Seinfeld episode, "The Switch" (dumping one roommate, then dating the other). Tread lightly and check your personal greed meter. Even though in our modern world being fired isn't the worst thing, like pinkeye and divorce it's better not to have it in your dossier. But, yes, if you are due a considerable sum upon termination, you could risk it. Don't put off the new employer more than a week; obviously don't tell them why, and be prepared to explain if the real reason for your departure gets out. They're probably not going to care, but you don't want them suddenly getting buyer's remorse.

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