What It Costs to Be...

From tanning to owning a pet, blogging to being a hipster — here, the costs of it all.
Bill Diodato

A Tanorexic

  • Tanning-bed membership: $200/month
  • SPF lip balm: $24/year
  • UV-activated tooth whitener: $50/month
  • Tan extender: $300/year
  • Exfoliating scrubs, bronzers, and self-tanners: $360/year
  • Spray-tanning sessions: $75/month
  • Emergency dry cleaning of white shirts: $20/month

    ANNUAL COST: $4824

    A Hipster

    • Asymmetrical haircut with blunt bangs: $450/year
    • Uniform (neon Ray-Bans, checkered scarf, American Apparel tee, Rag & Bone skinny jeans, Vans): $574
    • Schwinn cruiser: $240
    • Parliament-and-PBR habit: $100/month
    • Nautical star tattoo: $70
    • College loans on studio-art degree: $200/month
    • Ironic chip on shoulder: free

      ANNUAL COST: $4934

      A Gossip Blogger

      • Web domain name: $35
      • Internet: $55/month
      • Daily Starbucks fix: $7.30
      • Laptop: $1750
      • iPhone: $400
      • Digital camera: $350
      • Subscriptions to Us Weekly, In Touch, People, and OK!: $283/year
      • Butt cushion: $10
      • Legal counsel: $5000
      • Work wardrobe (read: PJs): $40

        ANNUAL COST: $11,192.50

        A Dog Owner

        • Month's supply of Kibbles 'n Bits and treats: $50
        • Pet-hair roller: $4
        • Plastic bags from local supermarket: $0
        • Juicy Couture leather collar and leash set: $75
        • Rubber ball: $1
        • Emergency trip to vet after Rambo swallows your keys: $350
        • Locksmith: $150

          ANNUAL COST: $1180

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