10 Things You Never Want Your Coworkers To See You Do

It's like seeing your grade school teachers outside of the classroom.

1. Grinding. Honestly, we believe this practice should be outlawed all together, but there is definitely no one from the office that should ever see you do this.

2. Working out. You're sweaty, tired, and on your Beyoncé flow. The last thing you want to do is make small talk with Suzie from accounting.

3. Commuting. There is nothing worse than losing your 10-30 minutes of personal morning-time on the subway, especially when it means running into your work crush pre-mascara application.

4. On a Tinder date. The world of blind dates is awkward enough. You'd like your coworkers to think that you met at a wine bar, rather than know that you decided to meet up at a wine bar after Facebook stalking each other and messaging online for a week.

5. At the club. This is perhaps the weirdest possible situation. What is your boss doing here? Do you... buy him/her a drink? Ignore? HELP!

6. The morning after. You're pulling your skirt down, chugging water, and trying to wipe last night's eyeliner off your cheeks. This is not the time to explain what you're doing up so early to your supervisor.

7. Buying sexy stuff. The best case scenario is you're at Victoria's Secret. The worst case? You're ducking out of a sex shop. Either way, this is a terrible sitch.

8. During a moment of road rage. Having to explain to your manager that you were not, in fact, flicking him/her off is not a position you want to be in.

9. In the midst of a big fight with your S.O. Emotions are high, the tears may be flowing, you're not stopping to talk.

10. Picking up a prescription. "Hi I'm here to pick up my prescription for [inaudable whispers]."

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