Caitlyn Jenner Just Landed an Amazing New TV Opportunity

This is perfect.

Getty Images

It's hard to keep up with everything Caitlyn Jenner is doing these days—so listen up, because her next move is especially wonderful: she's joining the cast of the Amazon's hit series Transparent.

ABC reports that the show's creator Jill Soloway wouldn't reveal any character details, but called the opportunity to work with Caitlyn, "a dream come true."

"We are all part of the same community. A lot of the transwomen who work on our show are also in her show, I Am Cait," Soloway continued. "Lots of crossover. Lots of friends."

Caitlyn is filming scenes starting next week and will appear on the third season of the show. Until then, I'll be sitting in front of my TV, waiting for its release. Come on!

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