Caitlyn Jenner Is the New Face of H&M Sport

She be up at the gym just workin' on her fitness.

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In case you forgot, Caitlyn Jenner has a shiny gold medal in her makeup drawer, which she won for being an Olympic baller back in the days of yore (read: the roaring '70s). The trans activist is known for her love of athleticism, so it's hardly a surprise that she's the new face of H&M Sport.

Caitlyn announced the partnership with the fashion giant on Instagram, posting a photo of herself looking stunning in the brand's line of athleisure. 

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Lest you forget, Caitlyn is also has a MAC collaboration in the works, so she's basically winning at life. And if buying this H&M line will turn us into an Olympian with flawless gym hair, sign us up for all the clothes, k thx bye.

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