Class Act Maggie Smith Claps Back at Jimmy Kimmel for Joking That She Didn't Deserve Her Emmy

"Love, Old Maggie" OMG.

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Just because the Academy hands out acting awards to Maggie Smith like they handed out condoms at the Olympic village this summer (re: by the fistful), doesn't mean she doesn't *deserve* them, okay, Jimmy Kimmel? So rude.

While hosting Sunday's Emmys, Kimmel did a bit about the Dowager Countess never coming to collect her statuettes. (She previously won Emmys for the role in 2011 and 2012.) And when her name was called yet again for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Kimmel stormed the stage and grabbed the little gold man, saying "Maggie, if you want this, it will be in the lost and found."

Her response? Shady yet classy—also delivered via hired gun, AKA the PBS Twitter account, AKA LOL—just like "Old Maggie" herself.

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