americans for unfpa

Vote Now! All Women Deserve Access to Contraception!
The Obama administration is giving ordinary people a chance to become a part of the change the campaign promised.
Pride in a Young American Woman
Looking back through the last few years and everything Ive learned f…
Bangladesh is My Cup of Tea (Part II)
I often gaped at Monira as she shared stories of responding to acid …
Bangladesh is My Cup of Tea
I wanted my travels to initiate a dialogue about our lives as women.…
Celebrate Independent Women
The independent women of TARANGO, a womens economic development proj…
Remembering Women Around the World
My visit to Hasinas home where she was attacked with acid as she slept five years ago was emotional, beautiful, out of my comfort zone,…
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Good News for Women Everywhere
I left the press conference refreshed because finally we were hearing some good news: a reduction of acid attacks 16-20% each year sinc…
The Women of The Acid Survivors Foundation
I joined hands with the women of the Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) despite both of our fears and uncertainties about each other.
When Differences Become Our Strength
As a reminder, I am traveling for one week in Dhaka with Americans for UNFPA and Deni Robey, Vice President of Public Affairs. I will m…
Student Award Winner, Nicole Paprocki heads to Bangladesh for UNFPA
I hope that this trip and this blog serve as the beginning of a conversation: a dialogue about our diverse experiences and our daily li…
Americans for UNFPA Announces Student Award Winner
She will learn about the global health and rights of women by visiting womens health programs on the ground.